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Instructions For Form 1583

Form 1583 - Description And Overview

The USPS has established some rules regarding how 3rd mail party services are required to handle and process mail. Any company offering such services much follows the rules and regulations as set forth.

IBEX and other businesses similar to ours are called CMRAs (Commercial Mail Receiving Agents). Any customer wishing to purchase 3rd party mail services is required to complete a form 1583. This form allows the CMRA to act on your behalf and take receipt of and process your mail and packages.

Who Is Required To Complete A 1583?

Any business or individual who purchases services from CMRA company is required to complete the form.

Where Do I Get A Copy Of Form 1583?

We have provided a link to use so you can simply download a copy: USPS 1583. You can also stop into a local USPS location and pick up a hard copy.

Step-By-Step Instructions

The form contains 3 sections. The 1st section requires you to enter information about yourself or your business; enter the information about the CMRA you have chosen in the 2nd section, and the third section is required to be completed if the CMRA is handling mail for your business.

Box 1 - Enter the current date

Box 2 - Enter the names of party whose mail will be handled by the CMRA, whether it is a business or individual

Box 3 - Enter the information we provided to you pertaining to your assigned mailbox

Box 4 - Keep blank

Box 5 - Signature of individual or business representative

Box 6 & 7 - Enter the name and address of the involved party/parties

Box 8 - Select the types of ID you are providing as proof of name and address. One of the IDs provided must include a photo of you

Box 9 - For businesses only

Box 10a - 10e – Name and address of representative for the business

Box 11 - Enter the industry your business is in (ex. Agriculture, health, technology, etc.)

Box 12 - Enter the name of any other person who will be receiving mail at this address who are to be included in the processing by the CMRA. You can enter as many people as you like in this section, there is no limit.

Submitting Form 1583

This form requires your signature and that of a notary public. Many locations provide notary services including banks and other financial institutions, as well as real estate offices.

International clients may use a government seal/stamp in place of a notary if they have difficulty locating a notary public in their area.

After completing, signing and obtaining the notary designation, submit the form to us for processing. You can email the form or send by regular mail using the “contact us” address on our website. Please be sure to include the copies of your IDs.

Accepted Forms Of ID

  • Vehicle registration card
  • Voter ID card
  • Driver’s license or government ID
  • Naturalization or Green card
  • Copy of deed, lease or mortgage
  • Company ID with photo
  • Passport
  • Declaration page of insurance policy

Please be advised social security cards and birth certificates are not acceptable forms of ID for these purposes.

Hours: Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm (PST)

Phone number: (800) 511-2319

If you require any additional information about our company or our services please call us at the number listed above. You can also email us with any questions you may have.

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