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If your business is getting overwhelmed with shipping tasks, IBEX can help to lighten the load and take over your shipping operations for you. We work directly with your staff and management to create processes and protocols to ensure your shipments go out according to your preferences.

We are able to accommodate pre-loading to help prepare for big marketing promos from your sales staff and you are given 24 hr access to your inventory and shipment date with the ability to make changes as needed that are immediately communicated back to our staff.

Product Checks

Our staff, along with our automated systems, keeps a constant eye on inventory levels. When a product reaches low stock status, we notify the customer so that action can be taken to prevent out-of-stock issues.

We also take pro-active approaches by visually checking for potential spoilage issues due to upcoming product expiration dates. This is in addition to the computer system that also monitors such information.

Advanced Protocols are our Plan B. We encourage customers to create these protocols for potential scenarios that may occur. In the event one of those scenarios occurs in real-life, we already have a plan in place to address that issue. It saves time, money, delays and frayed nerves.

Load Flexibility

Pre-loading is great for both our customers and our business. By allowing for pre-loading, the customer is assured their product is loaded up and ready to go when the time comes. Pre-loading also allows for us to take advantage of down time in our facilities by getting ahead of shipments and loading up product for future shipping dates when permissible.

Product Labeling

Our barcode system means we can quickly input all incoming product information into our system. The barcode contains the pertinent information on a product and when we scan that barcode, the scanner transmits the data immediately into the system. From this information, we can identify the location of a product, inventory counts, and expiration dates.

Carrier Network

We have cultivated relationships with some of the biggest names in the shipping industry over the years. As a result of this, we have access to incredible rates and discounts that we are able to pass on to our customers so that they too can enjoy the savings.

EDI And Notifications

We can’t say enough about our EDI system. This is a great communication tool which allows our customers to communicate with us as well as make changes to shipments with just a couple of clicks on their computer. All information is protected with secure passwords for accessing online account information.

Key Performance Indicators

Just like we do for our receiving operations, we use a number of KPIs to evaluate and analyze our shipping operations. In this instance, customers can also request we add their own KPIs to our reporting for their own internal analysis needs.

Hours: Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm (PST)

Phone number: (800) 511-2319

If you require any additional information about our company or our services please call us at the number listed above. You can also email us with any questions you may have.

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