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Our Mail Forwarding services are available to both our individual and business customers. We take receipts of all your package and mail deliveries and then forward it all on to you or your business based on your instructions. This is a legal mailing address that can be used for many purposes. Some customers use it strictly for online shopping, others use it for times when they are on vacation away from home and others use it for all of their correspondence and package shipments.

You may give this address to all of your contacts or select a few of your choosing. It is entirely up to you.

When we receive your mail at our locations, we will then forward them on to you. You can provide instructions for each individual piece or you can set up prearranged directions for us to minimize delays.

On-Line Access

Our customers can access all of their account and mail information online through our website. When you sign up for an account, we will provide you with private login information for your personal use. Our website and data are protected with multiple layers of the most advanced security available.

Secure On-Line Scanning

Our staff does not open the mail we receive on your behalf. There may be occasions where you ask us to open a package to inspect the contents or let you know what the item contains. In that case, we will open the package and inspect both the outer package and the contents. Documents can be scanned for your review as well. All images and scans are obtained with high-quality equipment and we use the most advanced settings available to produce the clearest image possible.

All this information is protected by our website security programs that maintain your privacy.

More information about these security protocols can be found through this link: click here.

Shredding And Recycling

The environment and the impact we have on it are of great importance to us. We recycle 80% of the waste produced in our facilities. We aim every year to increase that number. We take advantage of every recycling program available to us from the local level all the way up to federal programs.

By utilizing recycling programs, we not only limit our impact on the environment, but we also decrease the chances that identity thieves will be able to get their hands on your information. For example, shredding eliminates the dumpster divers who are looking for documents that contain the personal information of our customers.

More Information

If you have a question or would like more information on any of our services, please contact us and we will be happy to answer all your inquiries.

Hours: Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm (PST)

Phone number: (800) 511-2319

If you require any additional information about our company or our services please call us at the number listed above. You can also email us with any questions you may have.

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