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About Us

IBEX has been in the 3rd party shipping industry for many years. We also provide businesses with creative logistics solutions to their most common issues. Our customers are located all over the globe and range from regular every-day individuals to well-known, successful businesses.

We have earned a reputation over the years as a reputable company that puts the needs of our customers at the forefront. We are confident that our competitor’s cannot touch of level of service or our incredibly low shipping rates and service plan pricing.

HIGH-TECH SOLUTIONS: We believe in staying ahead of the trends. Our operations are designed around the latest technology available to our industry. We evaluate our processes on an ongoing basis and identify areas for improvement and outdated software and equipment and take steps to upgrade them as soon as practicable.

INNOVATIVE LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS: We know the logistics business inside and out. Our expert team can provide solutions to simple issues as well as complex ones that are inherent to your business. We also specialize in consultant services for freight pricing negotiations and can assist with purchasing new real estate to expand your operations.

INCOMPARABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our customer service staff is dedicated to providing you with the answers and assistance you require. They act as extensions of your own staff and you are their top priority. Consistent, dedicated, and reliable service every time!

Our customer service reps can be reached by phone and email, but online chat is the easiest and best way to get hold of them.

Hours: Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm (PST)

Phone number: (800) 511-2319

If you require any additional information about our company or our services please call us at the number listed above. You can also email us with any questions you may have.

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