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IBEX is an innovative leader in our industry. We provide logistics solutions to businesses of all sizes all over the world. We have many years of experience that allow us to create processes and develop solutions for you and your staff. Because of our experience, creative personnel and dedication, we can often produce effective results at a quicker rate than you could work on your own. To find out how we can help – call us today to talk to one of our logistics experts.

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Mail Forwarding

International customers will fall in love with our Mail Forwarding Services. They allow you the freedom to shop without restrictions because you will have access to a U.S. address for your use when you shop online. Not only can you shop when and where you want, but you save money in the process. We will take receipt of your packages and then we can send them on to you wherever you may be located. It just doesn’t make sense not to try out this service.

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Miscellaneous Services

For our business customers, we offer extra services such as, pre-loading and drop shipping. We can consolidate packages for added savings and even prepare outgoing orders for maximum efficiencies. Many of the services we offer have been created after evaluating feedback from our customers and employees. We value the opinion of everyone in our network. Freight brokerage services are also available for customers who deal with large and frequent shipments. If you are considering a location change for your business, we have experts on hand to help with scouting locations and negotiating purchase prices.

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About Us

IBEX has earned a reputation as an industry leader in the 3rd party shipping and logistics solutions businesses. The testimonials of our customers prove positive of our dedication to providing quality services with ultimate reliability. Our client-base ranges from everyday individuals to prominent international businesses. Our competitors cannot touch our rates. Customer privacy is of utmost concern to us and we employ the latest security technology and ongoing employee training to ensure confidentiality is maintained at all levels of our company.

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Order Fulfillment

Getting your orders out the door on time and to your customers is vital to your business. With the help of our staff, we can streamline your ordering and shipping processes to minimize delays and inventory shortage. Error-free orders and happy customers equal increased profits for you and your company. We will work hand-in-hand with your own employees to help your company become more efficient and reliable. Our job is to make you happy and, in turn, we believe that translates into happier customers for you.

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Quality Control

The staff at our facilities undergoes extensive training. Much of that training includes ways to minimize product loss due to breakage and spoilage. Each incoming order is thoroughly inspected for issues and all findings are immediately reported back to you, the customer. In-house inventory is checked frequently for potential spoilage and expiration dates. Our staff goes the extra mile and inspects trailers and equipment for potential safety issues that will negatively impact inventory levels.

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Custom Services

We pride ourselves in doing as much as possible to make our customers’ lives easier. Considering feedback from our customers and employees, we allow for customizing on a number of the services we provide so that customers get optimum results that meet their needs. One size does not fit all and by offering custom add-ons, we are better able to service our customers.

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Why Choose Sendward.com

IBEX comes highly recommended by our customers. We have cultivated relationships over the years that are mutually beneficial to both ourselves and those customers. Our network of shippers gives us access to incredible discounts which we pass along to our customers. Our competitors cannot touch our shipping rates or the level of service our customers have come to expect from us. We go above and beyond for our customers and make every effort to provide unparalleled service and custom options. We invite you to give just one of our services a try. We are so confident you will love the dependability, reliability and security that is an integral part of all of our services, that you will want to add more services and become a lifelong customer.

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If you have outgrown your current space or need to expand to a second location, we can help you with that. Our specialized consultants can help you scout for the perfect location that meets all of your needs and specifications. Once we have located that space, we can help with purchase or lease price negotiations. We can help save your money and time by assisting you with your new acquisition.

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Premier Support

IBEX places great trust in our employees. We truly believe they are an invaluable resource and the main reason we have been so successful. We invest in our employees with ongoing training and coaching and in turn they give us the strong foundation we need to continue to be a leader in our field. Our staff gives 110% every hour of every day. Our customers directly benefit from our happy and upbeat staff.

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When creating solutions to issues for both our customers and our own company, we always take the impact they will have on the environment into consideration. We participate in a number of recycling programs and look to reduce paperwork wherever we are able to in order to further reduce waste.

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What People say

  • I have been working with Sendward for a very long time and I can guarantee that they’re friendly, efficient, and most importantly truthful. I partnered with them for the first time 10 years ago. My 3PL provider could no longer meet my service needs, so I switched to Sendward. We were introduced to the exceptional team by a close friend. What can I say? The professionalism and the service has no rival. Sendward’s work has made a significant difference to our business. Now we have a global logistical network. Just imagine what they can do for you.

    Obadia Pantoja Cazares

  • Transportation management was a daunting task for us. We were working with a number of different shipments, so just dialing carriers took a great deal of time. So did scheduling pickups. Now that we’ve got Sendward, we don’t handle our logistics internally any more. Sendward does more than schedule shipments, you know. The company handles everything from inspecting incoming shipment to drop-shipping deliveries. They basically manage your transportation needs with almost no effort. Thanks you guys for a job well done!

    Morena Miramontes Godoy

  • I was desperately trying to handle my own mail. Guess what? It didn’t work. One of my friends recommended Sendward. They offer mail forwarding services to people like me who just can’t handle their own mail. Sendward let me chose the mailing address and they regularly sent me notifications about my mail and packages. I use their mail forwarding services to this day and I will happily use Sendward for years to come. Their service is awesome!

    Ciro Montenegro Rocha

  • Sendward continues to be innovative and stay ahead of the industry requirements. I turned to Sendward because I heard they had expertise. In my opinion, they are experts in the field. Not only does Sendward have a solid background in logistics, but also they maintain great communication. All my questions were answered and I was assured that my supply chain needs would be met. Do like me and leave the job to the experts.

    Nathanel Gil Viera

  • When it comes to international shipping experiences, there is nobody like Sendward. I’m really loving the service of the company and for good reason. They provide deliveries every time that you need them, not to mention that they ship mail and parcels of almost any size. The last package that I received was in perfect condition, so there’s no need to worry about deliveries arriving damaged. I’ll take advantage of this opportunity to thank Sendward for such a great service. Well done guys! well done.

    Matheus Carvalho Pereira

  • When my shipping requirements increased, I tried to find a company that could deliver the results desired. When I discovered Parceltoyou, I could not be more pleased to come across such a reliable company. Their promptitude, professionalism and impressive level of customer service turned me into one of their loyal customers. I know that when I need something shipped, this company will not fail to meet my expectations, so they remain my go-to option.

    Michelle M. Juhl

  • My business demands regular shipments of important and most of all fragile items, so when seeking a shipping provider, I was very careful with my choice. Parceltoyou has not only managed to meet my requirements, but exceed them. Regardless of what I shipped, they have always managed to deliver my packages on time, and there were not unpleasant situations such as having my items damaged or broken. Since I have found this company, I no longer have any worries in this department.

    Mike N. Jakobsen

  • Due to the profile of my job I need to send parcels on a regular basis, and along the years I have collaborated with numerous shipping providers. From the national postal service to private logistics companies, I’ve always had inconveniences with the providers I worked with until I found Parceltoyou. I was impressed with their attention to detail, customer skills, responsiveness and promptitude right from the start, so I never looked for another logistics company again.

    Louise J. Frandsen

  • My best friend lives in the US while I live in Europe, and we are both sending each other packages and gifts with regularity, but on more than one occasions our parcels were misplaced and we ended up losing important items. Since we resorted to Parceltoyou, we’ve been able to send even fragile or valuable items to each other without having to worry about shipment inconveniences. I recommended this company to everyone I know, because they have never disappointed me.

    Achraf Jägers

  • I’ve always been stressed when I had to send an important package to someone, mainly because I’ve had quite a lot of unpleasant incidents with the local post office and several other shipping providers. When I first tried the services of Parceltoyou I was skeptical, but it only took a few shipments to realize this company does deliver what it promises. They are reliable and you can tell right from the start they value tremendously client satisfaction.

    Jauke Hoeijmakers

  • This is the first time when I write a review for a service, but I was truly impressed by Sendward. They let me choose the type of delivery I want, the packaging and they simply handled everything else. Labelling, product inspection, even the customer service was outstanding, and this without any additional costs!

    Angelica Böhmer

  • I’ve always had an issue with delayed deliveries with other collaborators, until I discovered Sendward. I must tell you, my clients no longer call in anger because of their late deliveries. This company truly allows me to be a better company for my clients and turn them into loyal ones. I didn’t expect that such a small detail to make such a great difference. I’m impressed.

    Cerise Carrière

  • I’ve never received such professional consultancy services from a mail forwarding company, until I switched to Sendward. This company truly knows how to properly plan the floor layout for warehouses and make the available space work in your advantage. Would recommend these services at any given time. I saved money, since now I don’t have to rent a larger warehouse for my growing business!

    Odo Berger

  • I always worried when I was sending my family packages back home that they will end up broken in the delivery process. This is not the case anymore, because Sendward is always careful with the packages. My family thinks that I should only send them goodies with them, because these also reach my home country fast. I guess I will take their advice from now on and stop experimenting with other companies.

    Éric Nadeau

  • Before sending my packages with Sendward, I cannot count the time when my nerves were stretched to extremes because of poor delivery services. Now I have my peace of mind because I know that whenever I’m sending a package, I can keep track of its location.

    Edmee Guibord

Hours: Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm (PST)

Phone number: (800) 511-2319

If you require any additional information about our company or our services please call us at the number listed above. You can also email us with any questions you may have.

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